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Pop-Up Parties

All the information below is what a Consultant would need in order to master the Posting Pop Up Parties. These steps are also explained in the Boards Links.

Boards Link for Materials –

Boards Link for Video Trainings –


Onestream is incredible technology that you can use to drop videos into your group so you LOOK live, but you aren’t 😉 Want to sign up?? Here’s my code


Extra Engagement Images –  View them Here

Steps & Conversations for FB Pop-up


Voxer link for group training on the Posting Pop Up parties –

How to Add Names to Winning Wednesday

Tutorial on How to Use Boards

Vizzlie Tutorial

7 Ways to Get Bookings from FB Pop-Ups

FAQ Pop Ups

How to Increase Comments in Your Pop Up

Links you will need before you set up your Pop Up Party.

To make the POP UP POSTING PARTY set up easier please paste the following Links/URL adresses below. Keep in mind if the LINKS ARE LONG – Please shorten them using a link shortening service. I use

1. LINK/ URL to your personal consultant website. AND a LINK to your personal website ecatalog

2. LINK to your ” SHOP MY PARTY ” for this specific party you are holding. Every hostess has a specific shop my party link.

3. LINK/URL to the fb party private group address so they can join the party.

4.Link to the video you want them to watch to get the thank you for joining 50% off ONE ITEM coupon.

5. The Link to the Google form “Thanks for Joining”

6. Link to the opportunity video It Just Fits in order for them to fill out the survey with the 5 questions.

7. The Link to the Google form for the 5 Questions to receive the Coupon Club

8. The Link/URL to the Facebook VIP private group you have for your customers.

9. This is the Dropbox link to “JOYS email” we keep referring to. You can use it to copy and paste from for those hostess coaching and one on one guest private messages.

Web Services/Accounts you will need to support your Party.

a. Facebook

b. When you create an account or sign up please use my referral code REYEM9G which is optional ( this gives me credit if you use it) SEPTEMBER TEMPLATE CODE FOR YOU TO UPLOAD INTO VIZZLIE Template code U9MEZ3A

c. Either OR One Stream at


e. Facebook and Bitly are free Vizzlie is free but extremely limited. Stream Yard and OneStream are free but again are extremely limited. I reccomend paying per month and cancel any time. Keep in mind that we are saving a lot of weekly meeting fees, etc gas, by running a virtual business.

Special Instructions to use in the FB Group

There are several specific instructions below read each one and post when and where it indicates.

1. After you open the group in Facebook copy and paste this in the description of the group.

Hello Beautiful Ladies!!! Welcome to the Mary Kay Pop-Up Party! Throughout the party you’ll learn about our amazing Skincare & Makeup Products!! Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help with anything! You can order by commenting, messaging me or via my Shop My Party Link (insert)

Here’s a link to the virtual catalog (insert)

Thank you for your support and happy shopping!

– – – –

You will also want a cute banner at the top of your Group with a fun name.


After the first 5 guests go into the group put this in a fresh post.


Welcome everyone! Thank you SO much for joining (hostess name) party!! I’m so excited to hook her up with lots of deals AND give away tons of prizes! Here’s some pro tips  Turn on notifications! I’ll be doing daily giveaways, so make sure you don’t miss one!  send me a friend request and get DOUBLE entries into the daily giveaways!  check out the top of the group for the shopping link! HERE’s the FIRST easy giveaway! Comment below…would you rather learn about skincare or makeup? Someone will win!

As guests come into the group be sure to friend them. It may take a little support from your hostess to help you connect.

LAST POST BEFORE PARTY BEGINS. (the Monday Morning is official First day of posting)

Skin Analyzer

Another freebie! Take the FREE high-end derma assessment, called the MARY KAY SKIN ANALYZER APP (install on your phone from your app store) and take a look at what’s going on beneath the surface! Take the SKIN ANALYZER quiz before the party ends and unlock free shipping!  text me when you do it :)) Oh did I tell you that 10 scans earns your hostess a special product gift. Help her out as you enjoy this fascinating app.


IMAGES to have ready

Have images loaded in your phone or computer within easy “reach”

Image to put in the Banner of the FB Party

A picture of yourself

A Picture of your favorite memory or go to happy place

A picture of yourself smiling with a charcoal mask on.

Image of the party specials for Thursday night live

An image of the hostess flyer

Image of the 50% OFF coupon

Image of the coupon Club

For examples see the current posting party template and look through the pictures.

SEE topic “ I” for
Extra Engagement FUN IMages

Hostess Coaching

Click on the image to view in Boards and copy/paste the texts!

Private Messages to Guests (Messenger)

Click on the image to view in Boards and copy/paste the texts!


Click on the images to download them!

Closing the Guests via messager After the Party

First Closing Message on Friday:

1. Hey Katy!! I just wanted to check in and see if there was anything you were wanting to order for (host name) party? Or you can also help (host name) receive more credits by hosting a FB party too!!! AND! All these deals!

– JOIN my Facebook group and get a FREE gift!
– SHOP the deals sheet!
– JOIN my coupon club!
You can shop directly by messaging me or online at (insert your Shop my Party link)

Which deals sound the most fun to you?

2. Closing Follow-up Saturday:

Hey!!! I just wanted to check in and see if there was anything you were wanting to order for _________ party? Or you can also help _______ receive more credits for hosting a party too!!!

3. Closing Final Follow-up Sunday:

Hey!!! I’m getting ready to close out _________ party!! I wanted to follow up one last time to see if there was anything you were wanting to add?!?!

4. Message to Send to Guests Hostess Recommended for Booking: (If she has not booked her own POP UP PARTY )

Hey (guest name)! (Host name) and I were talking and she selected you! She needs someone to host their own Facebook pop-up event for her extra credit.  If I gave you a free charcoal mask, could we bribe you to do it? It’s sooooo easy! I can give you details if you want to know more?


If She Says No to Shopping:

Thank you for letting me know! Would you be willing to host your own FB pop up like (host name)? It’s superrr easy…just click and invite your friends! You would automatically get a free charcoal mask just for doing it, and April gets a nice gift too! I really want to get her a ton of deals, so she and I would super appreciate it if you did

If She Says YES to Booking:

Thanks so much, and I’m so excited for you! Let’s schedule your own virtual party…would next week, or the following week work better for you?
(Then continue to confirm booking):

Great! So I have you down for your party to start next Mon, (month & date) right here on FB. I’ll get it set up, and we’ll touch back tomorrow. I’ll open the group on Friday so you can invite people over the weekend! Sound good?

If She says she’s broke:

Totally ok! I have a way you can help her get free product that won’t cost you a thing! Would you be willing to host a pop up like she did? It’s superrr easy and only takes about 15 minutes! Plus, because I really wanna hook (host name) up, I’ll bribe you with a 50% off shopping spree just for hosting it! Want the details?

Offering Opportunity:

Have you ever thought of doing something like Mary Kay, alongside what you already do, to have some extra money for yourself and your family?

(ANSWER I’M NOT SURE) Great! No obligation, of course. May I send you a short video to watch, and then we can chat tomorrow or the next day?

(I’M NOT INTERESTED) You know, it might be for you, and that would be great. Or it might not be for you, and that’s great too, because it might be perfect for someone you know. I’d like to send you a video of one of my favorite MK stories, and you can watch it in the next 24 to 48 hours, and give your feedback. If you can think of someone MK might be the perfect answer for, I can get your name in our special drawing. Does that sound good to you?


7 Ways to Get Bookings from Pop Up Party

Conversation to move the guest to her next best step.
1. If they shop, Ask :
a) Would you like to add an additional item from the Deals Sheet – send image of that month’s 50% off deals
b) You can add on a free Charcoal Mask when you book and hold your own Pop-Up and (Host name) will get something special also!?
2. If they say “NO” to shopping: Thank you for letting me know. Would you like to book a Pop-Up like (Host name) did? You would get a free Charcoal Mask.
3. (Manually post the Closing Specials Sheet again) You may get more bookings posted in the Party. At the end of the words you type in with each post, add @everyone and make sure the party name shows in that link.
4. Ask hostess– Who out of your friends would be a next great hostess? Either you contact her ( who was recommended) and ask or ask the hostess to ask her.
5. Before closing (around Thursday) look at the Google Forms spread sheet and follow up with people who might have expressed an interest there to book.
6. When the party is over, about a month later, message to everyone: Hey _____, (host name) party is over but that doesn’t mean the fun has to be. Congrats!! You are one of my (enter month when the party she attended was held) party winners! Would you like the details? If yes, tell her she won her choice of a Zoom appointment with a complete facial with samples that you will go through together OR a virtual Mirror Me color appointment to have fun trying colors looks on her face by looking into her phone. (1 out of 5 of these usually books)
7. After the party is over, friend every person in the party in your personal profile. When she accepts, you can then invite her to *your VIP Customer Group, *book her for a birthday appointment, *and use a different booking approach with her in the future.

Live Event Support

The Big Party Day is Thursday with automated posting all day long with a LIVE EVENT at 8ish pm. (Supposedly it’s not good to do the same time or even anything on the hour) use 8:05 etc
EACH Consultant can choose to do a LIVE show going over products or sets. Around 10 minutes. Special Deals are created for this event. Use ours or create new.
OR as Mary Kathryn-King and Sarah do is to create a recorded video. Where they go over products or sets. Then they use the same video every time. This is where ONESTREAM or STREAM YARD come into play. One of these websites will be the scheduling source for your recording to go “LIVE “ not vizzlie.
This is Jameel and Melinda giving it a try. Trying not to be too perfect or too detailed. quick and fun

Vizzlie Tips

Listen to the audio of Mary Kathryn-King

Watch the zoom training.

Watch EVERY VIDEO twice. (

1. ADD VIZZLIE as an app inside your Private but Visible party group.

Open your New group in facebook

Make PRIVATE and visible

Go to group settings

Scroll all the way down to the bottom till you see “apps”


Click EDIT

Use search button on left and type in vizzlie

Notice vizzlie will appear in the window

Click on the window VIZZLIE

Click on ADD Give it all the permissions.

Then it will acknowledge you have added vizzlie.. You will go through the same process to add stream yard or one stream. IF you know which one you will use adding at this time is smart. Just repeat the process of adding an app.


2. Go to and Create a vizzle account then attach to your facebook account. It will prompt you automatically.


3. Get your POSTIN TEMPLATE LOADED into VIZZLIE to prepare for editing with your photos links etc On left hand sidebar notice both the box of ACTIVITIES and PLANNING….

Click on Planning




U9MEZ3A (sept 2023)


Notice it will auto fill.

NOTICE it will not have DATES but rather descriptions… day before day after etc.


Open each one and click on Preview. READ IT ALL… Click on Edit, change photos add links where it indicates.

NO NEED TO INSERT YOUR HOSTESSES NAME or your shop my party link in this planning section..


When finished the next step is to load it into the tracking and turn on area…so

Go to the left hand sidebar and click on ACTIVITES


Notice the group you created will pop up.

Here you will choose the group you want to track

Your available groups should preload.

select and click

Track Group


Open Group

Use a Template

Select the Name of the Template (should be same as you downloaded unless you changed the name)


**Set this date..(MONDAY) read below IMPORTANT It will show a calendar.. extremely important on this template we copied from Mary Kathryn-KIng. Is to put the date of as the MONDAY AFTER THE FRIDAY that the FB group begins to fill up with Guests.. so alway have your hostesses booked and ready to go by a Friday and the”Party begins on FRIDAY” (totally is confusing but trust the template to work this way)


Click on LOAD

Now if you’ve done it right you should be able to see the dates of every post and notice that winning Wednesday is on Wednesday etc.

Now scroll down to the very end of the postings and see TEXT REPLACEMENTS Here you will just type in name of hostess and shop my party link as this fill the posts automaticaly..

Double check every post in detail.


Then you can be confident in TURNING ON the postings at the top of the page and it will begin posting on time.

Booking Scripts

Thanks to LeighAnn Milinich Kirkwood Unit

Hey! I am trying out a new system for FB parties for Mary Kay and I am looking for hostesses. Would you be willing to help me try out this system while I’m working the kinks out lol ?

Thanks to Sales Director Joy Waller for script to book Facebook PopUp posting parties

Booking Script

Note that After she says yes it gives some information for her to understand what part she plays in the party:

You will have the best results when you use the words below on a voice to voice call.

Here is the booking script:

Text: Can you talk for a minute? I have something I can’t wait to share with you.

Phone conversation:

Hi _________, here is the deal. I’m so excited to start holding Facebook Pop Up Parties!! It is a new way for us to do business and I’m a little nervous about getting started!!

I need to get 5 Facebook parties up & wanted to see if you would be one of my 5?

It is Soooo EASY! Just 3 easy steps!!
1. I will create a private group and make you an administrator.

2. You invite all your girlfriends in Facebook to join the group. No prejudging invite everyone! They can choose to join or not.

3. You like and comment on my posts and sit back and earn free product while I do all the work! There are other deals for you too!
I am being generous with the first 5 friends who help me get this party started.

I’m so excited about it!

If you run short on the 20 guests maybe you could beg someone in the group to add some people.

I am in new territory, so this is new for me too! LOL! I think it’s gonna be super fun! Can I count on you?