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Meet Alia

Career Highlights

  • Achieved the position of Independent National Sales Director.
  • Recognizes as a Mary Kay millionaire.
  • Leads over 1,800 Independent Beauty Consultants and 35 Independent Sales Directors throughout the US.  Hundreds of MK Career Cars have been awarded throughout the Head National Area.
  • Enjoyed luxury trips to destinations such as St. Tropez, Chamonix, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Milan, London, Rome, Ephesus, Sydney, and cruises through the Italian Riviera and Greek Isles.
  • Alia’s story has appeared in New Woman, Glamour, and Beauty magazines.  Alia’s tips for new consultants was featured in Mary Kay’s Start Something Beautiful magazine in 2015.
  • Served on the Marketing Advisory Board for Mary Kay, Inc.
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Mission Statement

To lead in a way that inspires women to join us in discovering their God-given dreams and purpose while pursuing their own MK success story.


Alia’s Purpose

“I am passionate about leading and teaching women how to work part-time hours and earn an executive income, while keeping their faith and their family as the top priorities.  The Head National Area has many skilled leaders who are equipping others to enjoy the freedom, the flexibility, and the influence of building a Mary Kay business.”


“I love the freedom of having my office in my home, working the hours I choose, and fully participating in my children’s activities. I have enjoyed every stage with my children.  I didn’t have to sacrifice the time I wanted to invest in their lives to have an exciting and fulfilling career.”

Fast Fun Facts

I am motivated by: The sparkle in my children’s eyes, making a positive impact in the causes I believe in, and supporting others to achieve their God-given purpose.


My best asset:  A heart that desires to bring out the best in others.


Favorite vacation spot: Colorado Rockies, Rome and Bellagio in Italy and the Greek Isles.


Mission of the Heart

“I now enjoy the lifestyle of my dreams.”

As a 20 year old college student, Alia was excited about her acceptance to law school and future career as an attorney.  After working with attorneys and in law court, Alia become more and more disillusioned with the system.  “I knew I had to invest my life in a different career.  I believed God had a better plan for me”, Alia says.


That’s when Alia called an Independent Sales Director and asked about a part-time Mary Kay business.  The more heard, the more intrigued she became.  “I could work my own hours, earn great commissions and lead others to success.  There it was – my dream profession,” Alia exclaims.

Today, she loves working from home with her two children close by.  “I can be with them to experience priceless moments and see the sparkle in their eyes over the tiniest things,” Alia says.  “I now enjoy the lifestyle of my dreams.”


Alia’s mission is to help other women experience the dream for themselves.  “I want to teach them how to have a well-balanced life so they have time for what they enjoy most instead of being consumed by the balances in their checkbooks,” she says.  It’s a purpose Alia takes to heart.